Build your own city in this free 3D remake of SimCity


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Do you remember SimCity? LinCity-NG is an open source game based on the classic game which gave us so many hours of fan.

Maybe you don't know SimCity. LinCity-NG is an strategy game where you become the mayor of a city and you have to build it, taking into account the resources, roads, ,buildings, fountains, transport, etc.

The goal of the game is o make your city to be bigger and bigger and convert your tiny city into an attractive, populated and comfortable megacity.

Build houses, construct roads, add sport centers, set taxes, don't forget schools, monuments or hospitals. You are the future of your city in LinCity-NG.

You'll choose how you'll start the game: A good city, a city in bad times or start the city from the first brick, the goal is always the same: Build an excellent city.
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